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Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is an excellent dust chamber producer and made a 3380 litres blowing sand and dust test chamber for a Vietnam customer. The controller system of this 3380 liters dust test chamber can be linked to the computer. Meanwhile, The equipment has a vacuum pump with a circulating pump or proper feature to maintain the talcum powder in suspension.

This 3380 liters dust test chamber made by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is driven by a fan to blow a specific concentration of sand and dust across the test sample surface at a specific flow price to assess the ability of these test samples (devices) exposed to completely dry sand or a dust-filled atmosphere to protect versus the penetration effects of dust fragments against abrasive or blocking effects of gravel and the capacity of the product to store and run.

Five Advantages Of Sand Dust Test Chamber And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

The machine has the capacity to mimic floating dust, which is mainly made use of to examine the ability of the shell of the checked product to avoid the infiltration of sand and dust as well as the succeeding working efficiency judgment under the floating dust condition of the shell and seal of the digital and electrical vehicle components.

The Wewon’s 3380 liters blowing dust test chamber layout replicates the damaging result of wind and sand environment on the product, which appropriates for checking the sealing performance of the product’s shell. It is generally made use of for the IP5X and IP6X tests defined in the unit protection course criterion.

How The dust test Chamber Works? Functioning Principle of The 3380 Liters Blowing Sand and Dust Test Chamber:

The blowing dust test chamber design has an air circulation with vertical flow of dust, and the dust utilized in the test can be reused. The whole air duct is made from imported stainless steel plate, and the bottom of the duct is gotten in touch with the cone hopper interface.

The fan inlet and outlet are directly attached to the duct, and then the diffuser on the top of the studio is attached to the workshop body in an appropriate position to create an O-type closed vertical dust blowing cycle system.

Make air movement can move smoothly, make dust distribute uniformly to a huge level. The sand dust test chamber use a solitary big power reduced sound centrifugal fan, according to the test requires to utilize variable regularity guv to readjust the wind speed.

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