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When you get a pressure cooker tester, It is necessary to understand that how to utilize it and what safety preventative measures you must adhere to. As a result of unlawful procedure, the maker may fail, resulting in the equipment can not run appropriately. May I ask exactly how to properly use Wewon’s pressure cooker tester ? When I am using the Wewon’s pressure cooker examination machine, What information do I need to take notice of? Please read this article thoroughly, You will discover the solution there.

Action 1: The equipment was successfully connected to your neighborhood voltage. The pressure cooker tester which produced by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.

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Action 2: Add clean water to the water tank of the device. In the process of including clean water to the device, Don’t fret regarding the excess of pure water.

Action 3: Change the switch to the “Water In” placement, The tidy water in the tank will stream into the examination location immediately. This will make it simpler for you to comprehend the installation and procedure actions.

Action 4: Press the “Power” switch, The maker will certainly begin to work automatically when the power is activated. Because the time controller has actually been adapted to 96 hrs, The temperature level controller is set to 121 ℃, So the pressure cooker aging tester began to work appropriately. Of course, You can utilize the time controller, By hand adjust the total amount of the test hrs. Rise or lower the temperature level examination through the temperature controller, For instance, 115 ℃ or 131 ℃ examination.

Due to illegal operation, the device might stop working, resulting in the pressure cooker test semiconductor can not run correctly. When I am making use of the Wewon’s pressure stove test machine, What information do I need to pay attention to? Step 2: Include tidy water to the water tank of the device.

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