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HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Test) chambers minimize the time it takes to complete humidity testing for semiconductors. By boosting temperature levels above 100 ° C and boosting the pressure, simulation of normal humidity tests can be made while keeping the same failure systems.

Automatic humidity loading & door lock systems
A round work space, enabling larger example boards to be packed
Convenient, hermetic power-pin system for predisposition testing
We now provide an “Air HAST” modification for faster testing of lead-free solder whisker resistance to humidity.
Internal cyndrical tube and also door guard secure samplings from dew condensation
Interior is cylindrical for optimal item loading
Two stainless-steel racks
Set of wheels for simple activity of the chamber (except double devices).

What is a HAST test?

The quality of Integrated Circuits (ICs) is such that they are not prone to failing during humidity tests. In order to accelerate the penetration of moisture, Highly accelerated stress test technique was started.

HAST (Highly Accelerated Cardiovascular test) chambers Safety and security Features:.
Overheat & over-pressure protectors.
Door lock safety and security mechanism to avoid opening of the door while the chamber is pressurized.
Specimen power control incurable: close down the item power in case of an alarm.

HAST Testing Standards:.

Allthough, time is not the only difference between the two tests: as an example, the THB testing holds a 85 ° C/85 %R.h. problem, as the examples go through Bias loads. Nevertheless this has actually come to be less pertinent today, due to the brand-new modern technology made use of for packaging and also passivation products.

By comparison, HAST test conditions use a heat of at the very least 100 ° C and also usually around 105 ° C, together with high family member humidity of around 85%, in combination with a high air pressure of up to 4 atmospheres. There is likewise a saturated version of the HAST test that uses a 121 ° C temperature and also family member humidity of 100%. If components are checked with power on, in many cases the test is done with 85% RH. These environmental specifications provide an accelerated method of component reliability testing, that swiftly finds faults as well as defects that can emerge during long-term usage.

There are numerous standards for HAST tests from the IEC, JESD, JIS as well as JEITA, all suggesting various combinations of temperature and also RH, and also are used for different scenarios. The most common are:.
IEC 60068-2-66 – Utilized for hermetically sealed small electronic components.
IEC 60749-4 – Made use of mostly for semiconductors.
JESD020C– Reflow soldering.
JESD22-A104D– Temperature Cycling testing to cover element as well as solder affiliation testing.
JESD22-B102E– Tests for accelerated moisture resistance, objective autoclave.
JESD22-A108B– Heat Operating Life (HTOL) test.
MADE USE OF JESD22-A102C.– Made use of for accelerated humidity resistance testing of non-hermetically sealed semiconductor-based gadgets.
MADE USE OF JESD22-A110C.– Utilized for non-hermetically secured semiconductor-based gadgets, while powered, to review reliability.
JESD22-A118– Assesses the reliability of unpowered non-hermetically secured semiconductor-based devices.
JIS C60068-2-66– For testing compact electronic parts.
JEITA ED-4701/ 100 103 Method– Tests the sturdiness of semiconductors that are stored or made use of within heat and humidity-based environments.

Benefits of Wewon’s HAST (Highly Accelerated Cardiovascular test) chambers:.

Modern HAST chambers like Wewon’s have been created to let you precisely regulate the temperature as well as humidity setups. One of one of the most crucial facets of HAST testing is the cool-down process. If the chamber is cooled to fast, or pressure is released prematurely, there is a risk of condensation or pressure shock on the samples, destroying the test. WEWON has actually improved it’s cool-down procedure, including an alternative to hold the samples at 85 ° C/85% till unloaded.

accelerated stress test

Acceleration elements vary depending on the sample, however huge cost savings can be made. Typical reductions of test time to 1/50th of a typical humidity test are typical. Some individuals are now starting to try incorporating HAST with various other approaches, to enhance the results. For instance by utilizing HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) approaches of rapid temperature cycling as well as arbitrary vibration, they hope to exacerbate faults partially so that when they do a HAST test, the humidity can pass through far better.

The highly accelerated stress test chamber has been mostly developed to conduct bias testing which uses constant voltage and also signals.

A HAST chamber is made use of to do highly accelerated stress tests, or HAST, in test applications that need extreme pressure and temperatures above 100 ° C. Highly accelerated cardiovascular test chambers permit operators to complete humidity resistance testing in days as opposed to weeks, a vital feature for test designers determining the environmental resistance of semiconductors as well as other electronic parts. Leading HAST chamber producers like Espec offer chambers with features like automatic humidity filing, automated door locks, a structured hermetic power-pin system for bias tests.

What is Hast Testing?

As the need for electronic elements, specifically semiconductors, remains to grow rapidly, one of the difficulties that sector encounters, is servicing the moment taken to test those elements.

Typically, Temperature Humidity-Bias testing (THB) has actually been the option. It is a very legitimate one, however taking 1000 hours to be completed, it stands for today a considerable hold-up for contemporary commercial procedures.

This is where HAST testing, Highly Accelerated Temperature and Humidity Stress Test, provides significant advantages.

Taking in between 96 as well as 100 hrs per test, and also sometimes even much less, the HAST test provides substantial time saving, that can have a wonderful effect on any organisation.

For this reason, the test has swiftly end up being the most leading of the endurance test techniques for semiconductor gadgets. While primarily connected with semiconductor testing, accelerated stress test is used on a range of both hermetically secured as well as unsealed compact electronic components, to give fast testing results for several circumstances and needs.

How to Carry Out HAST Test with a Climatic Chamber.

The highly accelerated cardiovascular test, additionally called HAST, is done with specific testing chambers, created to fulfill all demands from the test. As discussed above, these chambers are implied to replace existing THB test chambers, which use wet/dry light bulb devices to regulate humidity. The HAST chamber, that takes care of temperature as well as humidity, is key to providing faster cause all conditions.

HAST testing is specifically useful during item modifications where modifications can possibly accelerate metal corrosion, with outcomes being obtainable way quicker than with various other options, having after that significant impact on advancement times. The HAST test is the most effective option for testing any kind of type of dampness driven corrosion.

It also gives complete test outcomes of all parts subject to wear and tear, of general performance, consisting of performance of secured plastic parts in a variety of conditions, consisting of a vibration test. The HAST approach supplies the genuine influence test, which uses a summary of product efficiencies.


With its flexibility supplying a selection of test results in a short time, HAST testing is important for the contemporary commercial manufacturing cycle. The HAST testing procedure allows both saturated as well as unsaturated testing of components within the test cycle, for plastic sealed elements or for others made to be eco sealed.

Whatever testing standards are made use of, the ability to have actually tests completed in days, as opposed to months, creates new chances for product development. By attaching testing processes, business are able to provide faster actions to always transforming production requirements, thus boosting efficiencies as well as customer fulfillment.

HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Test) chambers minimize the time it takes to complete humidity testing for semiconductors. If components are checked with power on, in most cases the test is carried out with 85% RH. Common decreases of test time to 1/50th of a common humidity test are typical. By making use of HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) techniques of quick temperature cycling as well as random vibration, they hope to intensify faults in parts so that when they do a accelerated stress test, the humidity can pass through better.

The highly accelerated stress test, additionally known as HAST, is carried out with specific testing chambers, created to fulfill all demands from the test.

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